Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Things we lie to ourselves about

1. I will never drink again

As Friday, the day we all look forward to comes, our weekend mentality acts up. 

The weekend mentality

We feel a need to hang out with our friends and drink like there's no tomorrow. As the night wears on, we get drunk out of our senses. We feel a high that makes us feel nothing is embarrassing and nothing is impossible. Oh alcohol.. How I love you right at this moment.

And then...
All sparkly wonderful things break lose

The alcohol rises up to our throats and the gag reflex kicks in. 
This is the moment where you start regretting everything.

It hits you. I will never drink again.

You feel like crap after vomiting, you've embarrassed yourself, and you have a terrible hang over the day after.

But then again..

Weekend mentality
You take back everything you said.. and say it again later.

2. I will start a diet 

Shirts feel tighter and jeans are suddenly hard to pull up. What happened? You gained weight.
You stare at the mirror and you hate what you see.
Stick figure in a thicker perspective

So you eat healthier and start exercising.

Eye of the tiger

Which lasts for about a week.


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