Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Food Groups

Do you remember that class when you were taught what you should eat per day? Well, let me remind you.

greengoddess teacher mode

I forgot the servings per day though. Let me explain it further.

 So there's the group for everything that tastes like chicken.
Bitches love chickens
The group for things that you really shouldn't eat.

Oh how I love this group. My sweet tooth caused me 2 root canals. Hah.

And lastly the food group that makes you feel like a donkey.

Donkeys love carrots
Do people really follow that food pyramid?

I never met anyone who ate like this per meal.
Healthy as a race horse meal  

Maybe I have a well balanced meal once or twice a year. I normally eat junk. Junk meaning, everything that tastes good. Especially for us college students, lunch and dinner means anything that delivers. So our meals look more like this,
Diabetus, soda of the champions
Appetizing isn't it?

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