Tuesday, May 31, 2011

First Day of School

So school started a week while I was still out of the country and I hated it. I am the type of person who hates being late to class. I'd rather cut my classes than be late. I hate it when you go inside a room late and everyone suddenly quiets down and look at you.

My first day at one of my classes went like this.

I enter the room.

Sit at an empty seat in the back.

Professor asks us to form a group and pass a list of names to him.

Group forms a circle.

Professor starts discussing the lesson.

Blahblahblah something I wont need in the future

15 minutes into the discussion, I realized something is not right..

Check my schedule.

Oh my fucking god..

Mind stopped functioning, humiliation rising

I stood up without saying anything.

Like a ninja

I got out of there like nothing fucking happened.. even though I was there for 15 fucking minutes.
I hope no one remembers me.


  1. I did something similar to that first day at uni, i walked into a room 5 minutes early, sit down and watch as it slowly fills up. I start thinking "there's a lot more girls here than i expected for Computer Science". By the time the lecturer walked in, i'd now been sitting there for 10 minutes, the room was probably about 70% girls. He starts talking about nothing in particular, then about another 10 minutes in, he says "So, if everyone will get out your books" and he holds up a book called "Intermediate Fine Art"
    I stood up, made eye contact with nobody and got the hell out of there. Right outside the door was a big crowd of confused Computer Science students. The room had been double booked, and i looked like a fool.

  2. don't worry that happened to me- the only thing is i actually finished the class and I KNOW THE PROF. who is coincidentally our dept head.

    he laughed at me.