Monday, May 9, 2011

Weather or not

What kind of weather is a spring/summer?

In my country we only experience 3 seasons.

We have sunny

Just perfect

We have rainy

And we have so fucking hot please kill me now.

Based on true events
As much as I miss home, I am glad I'm out of the country because it's that time of the year.

But now I face a different climate problem.

I thought spring/summer was a perfect time to wear cute dresses and cardigans.


But I actually look like the pillsbury dough boy...


Spring/summer is a lie.


  1. come with me if you want to live

  2. hahahahaha! looove the cute drawings ate patty! :)))

  3. I wanted to type a comment here but it made me type WARDAG into the captcha and that was such a weird word it freaked me out and distracted me.