Monday, April 4, 2011

Anatomy of a Horror Movie

I classify horror movies into two categories, American horror movies and Asian horror movies. I'm not racist or anything, I just can't remember seeing any horror movie from Europe. Well, Shaun of the Dead if you count that. Awesome movie by the way.

Anyway, I noticed that American horror movies always consist of the following:

OMG. There's like a killer. Like.
The story is very simple, masked psychopath knows what the sexy boobie girl did last summer so he gets his axe and runs after her. Girl doesn't die, but loses a lot of clothes on the way. Token black guy dies.

This is what Asian horror movie consists of:

Weird but works for me
Asian horror movies have a more complex storyline. The story goes on and on, but it's basically about nothing yet it effectively scares the crap out of everyone. ... Or maybe just me. The movie involves long haired scary as fuck Asian chicks who come out randomly from different household items. They make odd sounds too, like a Lurch from The Addam's Family.

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