Monday, January 2, 2012

Chicken Dinner

The other day, I decided to cook dinner.
The thing is, I can't cook.
I've tried, but it never tasted the way it should.
Or it's completely burnt.

This is what happened.

Me: I'm gonna cook dinner!

Dad and brother: Silence

Mother of god, not again

So I went to the kitchen and started preparing..

Cooking mama

Suddenly, my dad pops up out of nowhere and looks at what I'm doing.

He pointed to what was on the table and said,
That's onions.

I was a bit offended.
I know what onions are.
I can't cook, but I can tell onions from potatoes.

Winner winner chicken dinner

The food came out pretty decent.
I felt proud.

And so we sat down on the table and as my dad sliced it.


It was extremely raw.

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